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CEO of Rapid Dev
Matt Graham
“ One of the best decisions I ever made for my business. Their content marketing strategies were top-notch and helped us reach our target audience in a very efficient way. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business organically ”
CEO of Zerocoder
George Novik
“ Martekings helped us find the perfect product market fit in about 6 weeks. Their data-driven approach gave us the competitive edge we needed to succeed. Initially, we had doubts about outsourcing the whole marketing and just used Jack’s advisory, but later used them for all inbound processes and the guys are super motivated. Highly recommended! ”
CEO of Heyhack
Sebastian Brandes
“ We had a perfect ProductHunt launch that helped us hit the market. Legendary! ”
Frequently Asked Questions
Our trial periods last for 4 business days and give you an opportunity to estimate our competence and capabilities before you decide to proceed with our services. You will meet your growth manager during this period to discuss business goals and define project milestones. Besides, you will get the first outcomes depending on your plan
What can I get during the trial period?
Yes, you can do it anytime and you get refunded for the unused period. But we always do our best to bring you the best value as we want to increase our LTV
Can I cancel the subscription if I am not satisfied?
Is it necessary to chat through the platform?
We prefer to communicate through the platform, but we are also glad to join your Slack, Teams, or any other channel you use for communication
Will I work with the same specialist all the time?
It depends on your tasks and goals. Typically the tasks are performed by different specialists as it really hard to be a great copywriter and great designer at the same time. But you don't have to worry about that, as the matching and internal team management are carried out by a dedicated project manager
Other question?
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