Checklist for your Content Marketing Audit

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Checklist for your Content Marketing Audit

Content Marketing becomes more and more complex nowadays. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all updates. That is why Martekings prepared a special Checklist that will help you to optimize your strategy and generate new ideas ✨
Key points to strengthen your strategy research

  • Check keywords' relevancy
First what you need to know what keywords are currently ranking. With this knowledge, you can double up the chance to increase your appearance among potential customers. Keywords will help you to reach those people who have requests, needs, or demands that match with your offer.
Use tools like Google Ads, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to conduct the analysis. There you can see your keyword rankings. Based on that, you can optimize your strategy. Look for keywords that bring the most conversion in your industry and include them in your strategic plan.
Guideline on SEO research

  • Analyse how audience interacts with your content
Keywords are super important but they are not everything. Inserting keywords that have high rankings doesn’t guarantee you the right traffic. You should analyze how people, who come from that traffic, interact with your content. But how to find the keywords that will skyrocket your content?
To find the answer, you should ask yourself the following - What is the most popular page on the website? What item, icon, or page part gets the most interactions? Which gets the least? What social media icon gets the most clicks? What blog posts have the highest conversion?
When you will know the answers, then you will see spots that could be upgraded. Google Analytics, Ahrefs, or SEMrush are useful tools for analysis.
Guide on your content analytics

  • Do a competitor analysis
This analysis will give you a chance to see what your competitors offer and what factors make them “win” your audience. The analysis shows gaps that you needed to fill.
By using analytical tools (mentioned above), you can see the statistics that show insights of your competitors. By conducting the analysis, you will find gaps in your content and places that could be improved. You can make your content better by adapting tools and techniques of other market players.
Why you need a competitor gap analysis

Topics: how to choose the most relevant content

  • Brainstorm with your team
Keyword optimization is essential, nobody argues, but is it enough?  Not always. It’s better to get the opinion of someone who is immersed in the work as you are.
And who knows better the process challenges than its own employees. Have a conversation with your teammates. Discuss what questions clients ask, what keypoints should be highlighted, and what problems happen to occur - you will get a full pool of relative content
Ways to produce better content with the sales team

  • Check and analyze forums
Have you read the niche community forums? Not yet? Then it’s the time! It is a great way to see what people in your field are talking about and what discussions are happening in those forums. By analyzing your niche communities, you can easily find the most relevant topics for your content.
While checking the forums, don’t forget to use such tools as Mention to keep up with the newest updates. Mention also sends you notifications about topics you are interested in.
Niche forums guideline

  • Do a backlink analysis
Another way to identify which topics are a must-have in your marketing strategy is a backlink analysis. Analyze backlinks of your competitor’s top content and of websites that have the keywords you aim for. Ahrefs is the best tool among all others to reach this purpose (so don’t hesitate to use it ). This will show you what sites are linking to the website you are researching at the moment. It means that you can find other sites that you would want to reach and get links for.
The analysis will help to identify why your competitors reach top keyword show up positions. Their high position means that there are links that are pointing back to high ranking topics.
Guide how to conduct a backlink analysis

  • Use Buzzsumo
Use this tool to identify the top 3 posts which go under your keywords and have the most shares.
Buzzsumo is a great tool. It helps you to see how engaged are people in some particular content. It has a wide database containing 5 billion articles and shows statistics on them. You can see metrics on the content you are researching. Buzzsumo can give you vital insights and ideas about what content formats are the most trending and engaging for your audience.
How to use Buzzsumo

Content creation

  • Create 10x Super Awesome Content
Wait, wait, wait… What exactly does it mean? It is simple - create content 10 times better than your competitors . Make it more awesome! The advice is obvious, but the main tip is how to reach this goal - by following these steps:
  • Design, layout, structure - UX/UI - should be memorable and attract client's attention. Content should be easy to read, interact with, and engage with - all actions should be intuitive
  • Trustworthy - if you make any statements, back them up with reliable sources, show proof of your words. People should see where given information comes from.
  • High engagement level - nobody wants to read extremely long text with tiny fonts and unknown words. Analyze your content from the perspective of people with whom you gonna share it - would it be easy to read and engage with your content
  • Fast-loading - imagine yourself waiting and waiting when something will finally load. Not nice, right? So fix it as much as you can
How to create 10x Content

  • Go beyond the frames
It is great to use common templates and layouts which will bring your target audience. But if you want to build your personal brand - then it’s time to shine.
Use various layouts, experiment, and do something that people do not expect. And here are several tools that can help you get started and give you some inspo:
  1. Untools
  2. Toggle
  3. The A-Z to AI

  • “Multitask” your video content
Video content is a key tool to your success. Wanna be on top - work on your videos. Hard. Use as many fitting platforms for promotion as possible: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others.
It sounds like too much work - create unique content for each platform. But you can make your life easier. Do this: after filming a long video, think about what parts of it could be shared on your platforms. Write down a plan for each content piece, video edit them, and share them on the fitting channels. Remember that 1 long video can be divided and many times in different way.
How to create a good video content strategy

  • Think of creating your own forum
Did you know that your followers can generate content for you? That’s right! It can happen in topic-related forums.
Create one, spark up conversations, encourage discussions, and see how the magic happens. People could share useful links to external sources, share some info, or just give you an idea by bringing up their point. Also, it is another way to keep in touch with your audience to keep a close connection.
Guide on user-generated content

  • Create more content formats
If you’ve never thought of creating special PDFs. eBooks, infographics, I highly recommend it. That gives you extra value as a content creator and can bring you an extra audience.
The instructions are simple:
Choose your best articles or blog posts with the highest metrics, unite them, redesign, and ✨voila✨ you have a high-value PDF. You can use it as an info product and upsell it in your blog or turn it into a lead magnet to attract more traffic.

Content optimization

  • Use content audit tools
Several tools can conduct an automatic analysis of your content. You can check keywords and their percentage, mistakes, gaps, and what can be improved.
Don’t overlook this step as it helps a lot to keep track of your content quality when you produce more and more of it. Here is the list of tools that will be helpful:
List of tools

  • Do a technical audit
Creating content with high quality is great but not enough to be the best on the market. It also should be SEO optimized - it needs to be easy to read and attractive to your followers.
Check your Headings, line spacing, highlighting important points, etc. It will give you a higher ranking and more traffic to your content.
Brief intro to H1 tags & Headings

  • Update old content
You need to check from time to time if your content is still relevant and useful or it is not anymore. No one wants to read the information that was outdated months and months ago, right? Keep it fresh, and with old creations, you may generate new traffic
Tips for content updating
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